Global Security Studies

Vol. 3, Iss. 3, Summer 2012

Linkages Between Boko Haram and al Qaeda: A Potential Deadly Synergy
Pgs. 1-14
Targeted Killings: Justified Acts of War or Too Much Power for One Government Clark Pgs. 15-33
Iran's Proxies: State Sponsored Terrorism in the Middle East Manni Pgs. 34-45
Boko Haram and Islamic Fundamentalism in Nigeria Thomson Pgs. 46-60
The Export of Iran's Nuclear Program to Latin America: Implications for United States Security Fugitt Pgs. 61-75
Challenges to International Counterterrorism Intelligence Sharing McGill Pgs. 76-86
To Be or Not to Be: Is Boko Haram a Foreign Terrorist Organization? Connell Pgs. 87-93
Terrorism in Jordan: Politics and the Real Target Audience Worman Pgs. 94-112