Global Security Studies

Vol. 3, Iss. 4, Fall 2012

Turkish Reactions to the Arab Spring: Implications for United States Foreign Policy Johnson Pgs. 1-10
The Domestic Rally Effect and Terrorism Stapley Pgs. 11-20
Thank-You Arab Spring, Why the United States Gets the Last Laugh Chikh-Ali Pgs. 21-35
Islamic Radicalization and Jihadist Terrorist Activity in the South Pacific: Jemaah Islamiya Weir Pgs. 36-43
Boko Haram: A Threat to African and Global Security Manni Pgs. 44-54
Pakistan's Nuclear Arsenals: A Threat to U.S. Security Diaz Pgs. 55-65
Pre-Incident Indicators of Terrorist Attacks Carter Pgs. 66-77
A Sea Change or a Wave of Backlash? The South Sea and Changing Power Dynamics in Southeast Asia Cooley Pgs. 78-99
Hezbollah and Al Shabaab in Mexico and the Terrorist Threat to the United States Bartell Pgs. 100-114
Image Steganography and Global Terrorism Choudhary Pgs. 115-135
Conflict in Syria and the Opportunity to Reduce Iran's Regional Influence and International Threat Bartell Pgs. 136-147
The New Eygpt and the Global Community's Perceptions of Islamic Rule Worman Pgs. 147-159